Typically Salzburg: Forest & Meadow at the GMACHL


Enjoy typical Salzburg dishes in June at the GMACHL gourmet cuisine. Discover the culinary diversity of our Forest & Meadow themed week!


Typically Salzburg: Forest & Meadow at the GMACHL

The GMACHL gourmet cuisine regularly takes a look beyond to shine a light on every aspect of Salzburg’s cuisine. Our themed weeks provide highlights for connoisseurs and guests looking to indulge themselves in down-to-earth experiences. Things turn typically Salzburg from 4 to 24 June 2019 while chef Christian Kastenmeier and his team celebrate “Forest & Meadow”. Seasonal and local dishes will be refined with the best of nature, diligently accompanied by exclusive specialties. Once again, we get to wow you with a recipe you can try at home.


A look at the menu

But what does “Forest & Meadow” actually mean? We obtain many ingredients from these areas and habitats. Mushrooms, berries and wild herbs accompany traditional Salzburg cuisine at the GMACHL in June, always diligently refined with creative re-interpretations of established classics. Our menu in June is typically Salzburg with the following culinary highlights:

  • Home-smoked venison ham with celery and brioche
  • Meadow herb salad with roasted Abersee sheep’s cheese
  • Chanterelle cream soup with fawn praline
  • Roasted roebuck saddle on chanterelle risotto
  • Whole-roasted partridge with truffle jus, herb polenta and glazed radish
  • Baked porcini mushrooms with potato mousseline and tartar sauce
  • Rabbit ragout with boiled potatoes
  • Variation of white chocolate, raspberry and wild rose
  • Parfait of native fir with wild berries and dark chocolate

Our venison saddle recipe

Doesn’t that sound delicious! Would you like a taste of typical Salzburg in your own kitchen? Chef Christian Kastenmeier has once again prepared an exclusive recipe from the GMACHL gourmet cuisine for you. The home-smoked venison ham with celery and brioche is an experience to behold.


Home-smoked venison saddle

French the venison saddle, marinate for approx. 12 hours (use 100 g sugar, 80 g salt, pounded junipers and laurel for each kilo of meat), then wash and dry. Put smoked flour and gingerbread seasoning (cinnamon, clove, star anise) into a smoking pan, stick the core temperature sensor into the meat, seal off with aluminium foil and smoke up to a core temperature of 50 °C on a low flame. Remove the meat from the smoking tray immediately and wash cold, dry and shrink-wrap.



Peel the celery, cut to a length of approx. 17 cm, blanch very briefly and refresh in ice water. Heat a grill pan on a large flame to a high heat, and grill the celery on one side until it forms grill patterns. Next, marinate the celery with lemon juice, salt, sugar and olive oil, and shrink-wrap.


Braised celery cubes

Cut the celery cubes to precise edge lengths (approx. 1.5 by 1.5 cm), sauté in butter and olive oil, season with some black BBQ salt, deglaze with port and fill up with some jus and water. Braise the celery until firm to the bite, portion with the preserved stock (5 cubes per portion) and shrink-wrap. Briefly heat up in the water bath when serving.


Brown celery butter cream

Sauté the onions until they take on some colour, add the peeled and chopped celery, deglaze with white wine and add water. Boil until soft. Meanwhile brown butter in another pot and strain. Finally, add some cream to the celery and mix in the Thermomix while adding brown butter. Season the cream with salt and some cayenne pepper, strain and hang. Note that the cream should be at room temperature when serving.


Herbal bread

  • 3.5 kg flour
  • 12 packs of dry yeast
  • 5 tsp. salt
  • 15 tsp. olive oil
  • Freshly chopped herbs
  • 2.1 l lukewarm water
  • Bake at 175 °C for approx. 35 min

Make classic bread dough, prove, bake and, on the next day, cut into even, thin slices, cut out and fry.


Celery crunch

Finely mix a peeled celery with three potatoes and approx. 500 ml water, then strain and dry out on a cloth. Heat up a little oil and fry slowly until crisp, then lightly salt to taste.

Look forward to typical Salzburg cuisine in June and make Romantik Hotel GMACHL your “Forest & Meadow” home – request a non-binding holiday offer today!


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