St. Rupert’s Day Fair 2018 in Salzburg’s historic centre


Salzburg’s St. Rupert’s Day Fair takes over the historic city centre from 20 to 24 September 2018. Find out more about this fun fair here!


St. Rupert’s Day Fair 2018 in Salzburg’s historic centre

When the newly built Salzburg Cathedral was inaugurated on 24 September 774, the remains of Saint Rupert of Salzburg were transferred from Worms to the city of Mozart. Ever since then, the saint’s feast has been celebrated on this very day and is more than just a popular day off school throughout province of Salzburg. St. Rupert’s Day Fair is celebrated in the run-up to this date, a lively festival with traditional rides, regional delicacies and a pavilion. But why is Saint Rupert venerated in Salzburg? And what does St. Rupert’s Day Fair 2018 have in store for you? We’re happy to tell you more!


Salzburg’s patron saint

Only a few facts are known about Rupert’s early life. He was born in Worms around 650, where he also died in March of 718. Originally of high nobility, he was first sent to Regensburg as a doctrinal theologist before travelling south on the old Roman road. Rupert deemed Salzburg to be an ideal place for his work. He had an impressive church dedicated to St. Peter built on today’s Salzburg Cathedral grounds. In addition, he founded Nonnberg Abbey in the Upper Castle of Hohensalzburg Castle, a gift to him, in around 711/12 – the oldest convent to be inhabited without interruption northeast of the Alps to this day. Rupert remained in Salzburg almost his entire life and led the remains of a Roman colony into modern times. He’s widely regarded as the city’s church father.


Joyful fun at Salzburg’s St. Rupert’s Day Fair

The first plans to establish a fair to mark the saint’s day can be traced back to the Middle Ages. The autumn Dult became the most important trading day of the year before eventually turning into a big fair. St. Rupert’s Day Fair returned to the squares around Salzburg Cathedral in 1977. This year’s edition from 20 to 24 September 2018 promises the best entertainment and a great atmosphere. The traditional booths sell lots of delicacies and homemade products, accompanied by the big farmer’s market. Craft displays and folk dances bring old traditions to life during the Salzburg Harvest Festival. Of course, beer tent fun and traditional rides, such as the haunted house or the chairoplane, are part of it too. A huge firework display caps off the fair spectacularly as per usual.

As a guest of the Romantik Hotels GMACHL, Salzburg’s St. Rupert’s Day Fair is only a stone’s throw away. Reach the park & ride grounds in no time; public transport quickly takes you to the city centre. Enjoy this beautiful fair with us and request a non-binding holiday offer  today!


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