GMACHL body packs - the ultimative fresh kick


How a Fresh Kick treatment works

Rich goat butter cream and urea cream are the basis of the Fresh Kick. Refreshing and calming oil essences create a delicate top note. The selection of oil essences ranges from lavender rose, evening primrose, orange lemongrass, lemon mint to coco mint and honey ginger.

The body pack is applied to the entire body. After that, you’re wrapped up warm and enjoy peace and quiet for 20 minutes. The resulting warmth opens up skin pores allowing the pack to be absorbed optimally. Rich nourishing agents calm and protect stressed and dry skin – the perfect preparation for the upcoming winter season. Your skin will thank you for it with added radiance, elasticity and a pleasant feel.

The result is both rosy fresh skin and full relaxation of body, mind and soul.


Put the freshness back!

A healthy dose of freshness, energy and relaxation ensures precious respite from stressful everyday life while providing additional strength for new challenges. Discover these and other beauty treatments in our panorama spa, ‘Horizont’ – we’ll gladly make you an individual offer for an energy-replenishing spa holiday right outside Salzburg!

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