E-biking ride in Salzburg

Expeditions on two wheels

The charming Romantik Hotel GMACHL offers its guests two electric bikes respectively. The use of these bikes is part of the GMACHL included services. Helmets are available at the reception to guarantee a safe ride in Salzburg!


Our practically emission-free and highly efficient electric vehicles are the ideal way to explore the surroundings in a swift and eco-friendly manner. Zoom through the beautiful landscapes of Salzburg without breaking a sweat or harming the nature surrounding you!

Electric bikes in your hotel in Salzburg

Riding an electric bike is like riding a normal bicycle with a constant tailwind. Relish the feeling of scooting from one sight to the next like the wind! The pedalling support system of the electric engine ensures that you won’t tire too swiftly. This makes cycling through Salzburg even more pleasurable! One battery charge will last for a distance of roughly 70 km.

Green-energy-powered e-bikes

The batteries can be recharged at every “ElectroDrive” charging station. These charging points only use green power generated from hydropower plants, wind energy plants, bio-mass plants, and other renewable energy sources. This means our electric vehicles are nearly emission-free. Furthermore, the displays on the “ElectroDrive” charging stations provide information about events, pedestrian routing, cycling paths, tourist attractions and public transportation.

Are you interested in the trendy electric bikes of our hotel in Salzburg? Then contact the team of Romantik Hotel GMACHL today to book your holiday with a bike and Vespa ride in Salzburg. Soon you will be zooming through the wonderful province on our eco-friendly bikes!

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